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Postpartum Servies

We incorporate Traditional Mexican medicine, rebozo therapy and abdominal/womb care, muscle manipulation and energetic cleansing if needed as part of your postpartum care. These movements work along with your nervous system to help create a safe container for your processing and transition. We will go over postpartum binding; the different types of binders and how to use them appropriately. If doing the series, the last session will be the rebozo closing. We may incorporate other forms of healing, if needed. 


We'd like to start your healing sessions within a week of baby's birth, if vaginal or 3 weeks postpartum if c section. These treatments can start at a later time if needed. A rebozo closing can be done later in life as well.


This type of care is done in home. You’re welcomed to my office as well if needed. If coordinating months in advance please send 50% payment. If you just had your baby, full payment is required at time of service.

Image by Lim changwon


Single Visit

Full body massage & rebozo closing, 90 minutes


Single Visit

Herbal bath, massage, rebozo closing, 2hours


Three Weekly Visits

Rebozo therapy, massage, rebozo closing, 90 minutes


Six Weekly Visits

Rebozo therapy, massage, rebozo closing, 90 minutes

Comadres offing Postpartum Support includes: Irasema Reza Bailey & Teresa Martinez
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