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Home Away From Home

Community Project/Proyecto Comunitario

Back in 2021 the Birth Comadres Collective initiated the "Home Away from Home Project". The intention is to offer perinatal care to the undocumented and refugee community in the Austin area. We offer culturally competent care, care similar to their home countries. It's no secret that the United States is falling short in caring for our pregnant and postpartum folks especially the black and brown community.

Nurturing Body Care Up To A Year Post Birth


Free services for undocumented people

Including those who have experienced pregnancy loss



Childbirth education, postpartum care & preparation, lactation/feeding support



Rebozo bodywork and closing of cycles



Herbal tea and bath blends


Holding Space

Check ins; helping pinpoint what services would be best supportive, make any helpful referrals, share resources



Massage for both prenatal and postpartum folks


Food Therapy

Preparing nutritious foods to support the perinatal period



We are here to support any customs and rituals that may help the healing process

Handloom Industry
Rock Formation

November 2021 we were honored with abundance to receive partial funding from the Start the Wave initiative! With this funding Birth Comadres was able to offer 36 home visits for body care after birth/loss of pregnancy. This includes preparing postpartum care packages, body care sessions using the rebozo and holding space for birth processing with awareness and sensitivity to their culture and traditions. We believe culture and tradition are an important part of the birthing process and healing. Birth outcomes and how birthing people are treated has a direct effect on how we interact with our community.

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When supported during the perinatal period, which can be a major transformational period, one can feel a sense of self worth and connection. These are some of the building blocks for creating a positive thriving community.

This year we would like to reach more of the community. August 2023 we have continued to be blessed with abundance and received a grant from Mijente a chincanx/latinx social justice movement. To continue with the movement of abundance, we had a benefit concert Pachanga and Market on Sept 30th 2023.

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