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Bienvenidos a
Birth Comadres Collective

Empowering The Birthing Experience and the Perinatal Period
[ko máa dray]

Literal translation from the Spanish language is; co-mother. Typically reserved to identify someone who has a special shared responsibility with you, it can also be the person you selected to be the godmother of your child.


Nahuatl launguage; comaleh: A person who is with the mother. supporting them through pergnancy, birth, postpartum, parenting and other areas of growth and healing.


We are a community of passionate, progressive and trauma informed professionals who believe every person should have a fully-supported and empowering birthing experience and perinatal period no matter your culture or traditions. The Birth Comadres help create a loving nurturing environment for parents and families by providing the appropriate support and guidance during pregnancy, birth and the first stages of parenthood. We welcome and celebrate all people who identify as LGBTQIA+. Reach out today to learn more about our customized services.

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Bilingual Support

At conception, the womb carrier starts the bearer of life ceremony. Each individual has their own rituals that are made up of your life experiences. Which do have common components like nutrition, the way you care for your changing body, birth processes and creating community.


We, as your comadres, can guide you through this life changing ceremonial stages of your life.


A community of families, because it really does take a village or Kalpulli…

Hands-On Care

We provide one-on-one support to help families move through their postpartum journey.

Blue Skies

Our Story

We are the first collective fully formed and run by bilingual Latinx in the greater Austin area. We came together to create something that would foster community as well as empower families and help them connect to their roots. We all either worked for or volunteer for nonprofits who work with under-served communities, our communities. We've worked with nonprofit organizations such as Mama Sana Vibrant Women, GALS, Casa Marianella, Safe Place, Partners in Parenting and more. Organizations that provide birth companions can help pregnant people have better birth outcomes. Better birth outcomes can create a shift on how that birthing person and baby move forward as a family unit and as members of their community. We feel all people deserve positive birthing experiences.

As we worked individually, we were experiencing burn out and trying to make ends meet, but we knew we needed to continue the work. That's when we came together to work as a collective. We can still be of service to our community while caring for ourselves, our families and continue our cultural traditions around birth.

As we do this work we've come to realize how important culture and tradition are for the birthing process and it's healing. Tapping into our ancestral knowledge and applying past experiences is how we came up with the concept, which came from our native traditions. The Mexican natives would come together in family groups of up to 20 families, called Kalpullis. The Kalpulli members share the work load and are self-sustaining. We are a group of families sharing and learning different ways to take care of each other and work together fostering human interconnection. The true concept of it takes a village...

Community Support & 

Empowering Families

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