The Comadres


Irasema Reza Bailey

Irasema aka Iris is a Spanish/English speaking full spectrum doula and bodyworker/sobadora, as well as a Reiki healer. She has supported parents and families in the Austin area, as a doula since 2009. Iris volunteered with GALS for 7 years where she got most of her birthing experience. She uses a traditional Mexican textile called the Rebozo which can help with optimal fetal positioning and comfort during birthing time. Iris also teaches classes on the use of the Rebozo in pregnancy birth and postpartum as well as using it as a self-care tool. She has trained with DONA International, Vida Luna Massage y Mas, Mercy in Action as a Midwifery assistant. Traditional Rebozo techniques with Marucha Ilhuakatzin and techniques passed down from my abuela Juana Solis Martinez.


Teresa Martinez

Teresa is spanish/english speaking doula and bodyworker/sobadora, as well as a Pranic healer. She has supported families in the Austin area since 2002, and has worked with Chiropractors since 2005. Teresa comes with a wealth of knowledge from her personal birthing experiences and bodywork. Her training with Las Manos Magicas in the Rebozo technique has given her the knowledge to apply this Mexican tradition to her practice. She is beginning her journey of traditional and indigenous medicine with Of the Earth Healing in Austin, and learning more about her Mexican ancestral roots.

Vivian's Headshot.JPG

Vivian Jauregui

Vivian holds a bachelor's degree in Studio Arts from the University of Colorado and is a Full-Spectrum Doula through Doula Trainings International. After working as a multifaceted fabricator for five years, she made the career shift to help cultivate true bravery within birthing people, partners, and families. She is a current volunteer with GALS delivering nonjudgmental support on an emotional, resourceful, and sincere level. As a bilingual doula she advocates for one's autonomy & instincts while promoting empowerment, peace, and joy.


Mazahualt Jailee Marinez

Mazahuatl is an artist, trained full-spectrum Doula through Doula Trainings International. Has recently become a GALS volunteer. She's currently enrolled in Massage Therapy school and incorporates Mexican Traditional Medicine in her practice. Mazahualt has grown up on the Red Road, ceremonial life. She understands how body and spirit are interconnected. She is learning and growing with the collective.