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Felisa Yzaguirre, LM | Midwife

Felisa Yzaguirre is a Xicana partera/ midwife licensed in Texas. She was born and raised on lands of the Tigua of Ysleta del Sur Pueblo. Known as the vast desert that unites El Paso, TX, and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, along the Rio Grande River. She made her way to Tonkawa land in 2008 to attend the University of Texas at Austin. After earning her Bachelor’s in Developmental Psychology she was blessed to be pregnant but found herself unsatisfied with her care. She decided to shift to home birth, and seek out the care of midwives. She wanted warm individualized care, someone she could relate to, a provider that trusted her wisdom to birth and respected her bodily autonomy. The search for a midwife of color came up short. Giving birth to her sweet daughter at home in 2013 led her to a journey of empowerment that aligned her to her life’s path; the midwife she looked for was looking her back in the mirror.

Janixa Ramos Almodóvar

The call to be a midwife came with an accidental homebirth as a doula. Soon after this birth, I started my studies with the non-profit midwifery school at Mercy in Action in 2016. During my clinical training, I was able to serve many clients and their families in several home birth practices as well as a birth center in Austin Texas.
As a Latina and an Afrocaribbean, I will make sure your voice is heard. I want to help you be in control of your prenatal/birth/postpartum care and health with the latest evidence-base information.
I am committed to lessening the disparities in maternal health among People of Color, Latinos and the LGBTQ Community.

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Doula Support and more

Ellen Macrina | ig: @earthelements_with_doulaelena |  @fire_element_withelena


Ellen/Elena Gonzalez (she/her) is a multi dimensional healer following ancestral alignment, on the path toward traditional midwifery. Experienced using ancient practices, combined with holistic natural healings. She offers frequencies of yoga therapy, meditations & deepening relationships with plants, trees & fungus medicines daily. Honored & humbled to support folx & families as a full spectrum reproductive justice Doula. And creating a lifestyle committed to decolonization & fiercely protecting, cultivating, preserving the earth & waters.

Ellen/Elena Gonzalez (ella/ella) es una sanadora multidimensional siguiendo la alineación ancestral, en el camino de la partería tradicional. Experimentado usando prácticas antiguas, combinadas con curaciones naturales holísticas. Ofrece frecuencias de terapia de yoga, meditaciones y profundización de las relaciones con plantas, árboles y hongos. Agradecida por apoyar a personas y familias como Doula de justicia reproductiva de espectro completo. Creando un estilo de vida comprometido con la descolonización y protegiendo, cultivando y preservando la tierra y las aguas.


Irasema Reza Bailey


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Irasema aka Iris is a Spanish/English speaking full spectrum doula and bodyworker/sobadora, as well as a Reiki healer. She has supported parents and families in the Austin area, as a doula since 2009. Iris volunteered with GALS for 7 years where she got most of her birthing experience. She uses a traditional Mexican textile called the Rebozo which can help with optimal fetal positioning and comfort during birthing time. Iris also teaches classes on the use of the Rebozo in pregnancy birth and postpartum as well as using it as a self-care tool. She has trained with DONA International, Vida Luna Massage y Mas, Mercy in Action as a Midwifery assistant. Traditional Rebozo techniques with Marucha Ilhuakatzin and techniques passed down from my abuela Juana Solis Martinez.


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