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As a well-renowned Birth Companion Collective, we’ll be with you every step of the way through pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Our doulas are committed to understanding your unique needs and concerns, and customize each service to fit your birthing preferences.

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These classes are offered virtually

Young Mother
Mother Breastfeeding Baby
Father and Son

Birth Planning
Postpartum Care Plan

Know your choices
Know your rights

You don't have to hire us as your doula team to book this class. This is a private class to go over all the birthing options at your place of delivery. We prefer you attend a childbirth class before.

Intro to Breastfeeding

Private Class

Breastfeeding can come very naturally and most of the time you need a few pointers. We are lactation educators, not lactation consultants and know when it's appropriate to refer.

Baby Care

Private class

We can help you gain the confidence you need to care for your baby. This is a private class that can be done in home or at our location. It can be take before baby gets here or after.

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Young Couple Expecting
Prenatal Yoga

Babywearing/Carrying $75

Family First

In this private class you'll learn the traditional art of babywearing, which can bring ease and convenience into your life as well as help you bond with your baby. You will get to try different carrier styles and build confidence and skill. Class topics may include kangaroo care, newborn wearing, front wearing, back wearing, or woven wraps. This class is per family and all types of caregivers are welcome. Please specify in the notes section the age of the baby you are wearing and if there is something specific you are wanting to learn.

Partner/Family Prep Class $100

Your Support System

Learn how to support during the birthing time. This class is for families preparing for birth.

Your support team will learn tools to better assist a person during the birthing time.


  • Physical Comfort Techniques; massage and breath work

  • Out of Bed positions

  • Rebozo basics

  • Do's and Don't's during labor

This class recommended in addition to a childbirth class.

You don't have to hire us as your doula team to take this class.

Prenatal/Postpartum Yoga

Get in Tune with Your Body

Bienvenidos! Welcome!
This class will help you connect/reconnect with your body before and after baby.
Yoga is an essential part of prenatal/postpartum care. There is a great need for this particular education, attention and support for families.
Yoga helps develop strength of the abdominal and back muscles, reducing postpartum back pain, and rebuilding flexibility and muscle tone. It assists in restoring general health for the mind, core body, stamina and strength.
Private class