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Belly Binding in the postpartum period is done in many traditions around the world. It helps support your  body and organs as they re position themselves after baby. You will receive a 15ft wrap and a warming salve. We will teach you how to do it at home and show you other ways to support your body.


The answer to your immediate childcare needs. The comadres in our collective provide backup for each other, so one of us can be available from the moment you need us. We can be your village!

On-call Sibling Care $200

This offering is for people going into labor with other children. We're available at anytime of day or night.

A back up doula will be available to care for older siblings up to 5 hours or until a family member or alternate babysitter gets there.

Infant Care $28 per hour

Offered to our families with babies up to 9 months and older siblings.

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