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Birth Support

Empowering the Birth Experience

When you hire the Birth Comadres Doula Collective, you are hiring a team, a community. The comadres/doulas in our collective provide backup for each other, so one of us will always be available from the moment you book services with us. We operate on an on-call rotation system. You will be accompanied by the doula on-call the day you go into labor. They will be with you until you have your baby and 1-2 hours after birth. You will have many opportunities to meet and create a relationship with the team with our meet-ups, classes, events and 24/7 phone, text, email support.

Birth Support Includes $1150

  • Prenatally: These visits (can be done at home with covid precautions or virtually) is to discuss your birth preferences and help you connect with the birth process. We will also help you prepare for your postpartum care.

  • 24/7 email, phone and text support

  • Comfort measures techniques including herbal support.

  • Attendance to the birth 

    • If an out of home birth, we would like to join the laboring person at home​.

    • We stay until baby's birth and 1-2 hours after birth.

      • Help with bonding, processing and breastfeeding, first latch​

    • Up to 2 post birth home visits

      • Mom/baby care​

      • Postpartum binding and womb care

      • Birth processing

      • Breastfeeding help/encouragement

      • Rebozo hip closing

    • Please check out our Postpartum support, if you're needing more after we've completed the birth support package

C Section Support $600

For planned cesarean only

  • Prenatal home-visit/virtual to discuss procedures and preferences. Help prepare and process mentally and emotionally

  • Help make a postpartum care plan specific to you

  • 24/7 email, phone and text support

  • Depending on the hospital policy

    • Doula may enter operating room

    • Help with first latch and tend to mom's comfort in the recovery room

  • Up to 2 post-birth home visits

    • Mom/baby care​

    • Postpartum binding

    • Birth processing

    • Breastfeeding help/encouragement

    • Rebozo hip closing

There is an option to work one on one with a doula of your choice for an extra fee of $300


Free Birth Support